Audible Area Vol.1






Audible Area | Sound Workshop
Artist:   Azoik • Li yangyang + Maomao   |   Sun Wei   |   Li li
AThousand Plateaus Art Space |  开放时间 |Opening : 2016/4.15 PM 16:30 – 18:00
Add:   South Square, Tiexiang Temple Riverfront,She-ngbang Street, High-tech Zone, Chengdu, China






Performance at AThousand Plateaus Art Space
1、 Li li              2、 Sun Wei         3、 Azoik • Li yangyang + Maomao  



About, audible area sounds workshop:
The human ear can feel the highest and lowest auditory stimulus intensity. In Chengdu from time to time a about listening, sound art, avant-garde music, improvised music, field recording, sound installations, workshop after experimental site to crossing borders to stimulate the possibility of different sound creation field exploration, by the sound artist SunWei initiated to the non profit art project.








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