Audible Area Vol.3


听阈音乐会  |  纽 NUspace



A temporary group – hearing reduced to sponge, loose, amorphous, full of holes, winding streets… topology changes depending on the environment. specialised in guerrilla ambush, flipped by their own roundhouse kick. This show will be a form of performance Duo + Souls.


Experimental noise artist. In 2014, he began using the moniker 16ways to produce high-volume hardware and guitar noise, before moving to a computer and dabbling with east and west psychedelic sounds. Working to establish a tradition based on the ‘new order,’ all the while remaining a guitarist.


Sun Wei
电子媒体声响、小剂量微音。从事声音和实地录音工作,以及观察环境中声波介质振动与环境关系。这些工作包括记录来自不同自然或人工流域水下声景,使用超声波设备观察记录日常生活中被忽略的声响。作为声音艺术家他广泛的被世界各地艺术机构邀请参与及出版各类声音项目,包括他所创作的声音装置受邀参加2013年在纽约等地举办的 Revolution Per Minute 中国当代声音艺术展、上海西岸2013建筑与当代艺术双年展,同时作为实验前卫声响和噪音音乐表演者也出现在各种先锋音乐和艺术活动的现场。
Sun Wei is an artist working in sound and field recording who is interested in exploring frequency hearing range and the relationship between sound vibrations and the environment. His works include ultrasonic recordings of nature, underwater frequencies and the background noise of everyday life. As a sound artist, Sun Wei has been invited to contribute many international sound projects around the world, including the UK, Germany, The Netherland, USA, Ireland and Australia.







时间 |Opening :   2016/9.16     PM 20:30   2016年9月16日,星期五 晚 20:00 免费入场 /20:30 开始
策划主办:听阈  audible area
协办及合作机构:NU SPACE  | 地址: 明堂创意工作区· NU SPACE 成都市青羊区奎星楼街55号
Add: NU SPACE, MiNTOWN Studio Community
55 Kuixinglou St, Qingyang, Chengdu








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