Audible area Vol / 11





这次听阈声工坊是来自瑞典声音艺术家Max Wainwright 带来的57mm合成器工作坊一个非常好玩又很酷的触控式合成器,经由他和John Richards的创意设计有着丰富的声音噪音变化,它是一个带麦克风,触摸和模拟反馈的数字波表噪声合成器。工作坊结束之后是Max Wainwright 和他的朋友Anton Lennartsson 两人的音乐会。
工作坊主讲:马克斯·韦恩莱克 /  Max Wainwright
音乐会:Max Wainwright、Anton Lennartsson


时间:4月17日,星期二 晚:20:00              地点:  AUDIBLE AREA STUDIO      本次为有偿活动为艺术家工作坊和音乐会:80 RMB
请提前预约:仅限十位听众     /   邮件联系发送地址



Max Wainwright

Max Wainwright makes experimental electronic and acoustic music, involving free improvisation, adapting to complex systems, and making & using terrible instruments. He does solo and collaborative performances, installations, sculpture, radio pieces, chamber composition, video work and more. As an artist, he is concerned with states of flux and how useless or broken objects can be sounded. He likes to engage audiences and things in conversation, creating instruments, trading, donating or receiving things, and performing on these. Using these, he explores human-technology interaction, deconstructing live performance, futility and effort, and performing through inactivity. 
Max Wainwright bringing a range of things, and will perform a variety of improvised audiovisual miniatures using feedback circuits, mini projector, paintbrush, automatic typing, binaural microphones, DIY strobes, and various objects.

Anton Lennartsson

Anton Lennartsson will perform the piece “It does not concern us”, a ca. 60 minutes long work based on pre-recorded field recordings of natural and agricultural sounds from his native Skåne, which he has edited an treated at the Inter Arts Centre in Malmö. During the  playback of the recordings, he will interact with the sound material using a cow-horn and acoustic hunting tools which imitate the sounds of animals that are injured, aroused, etc.





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