Audible area Vol / 13


Annelyse Gelman
Sun Wei  +  Annelyse Gelman

时间:6月23日,星期六 晚:20:00              
建议为艺术家音乐会自愿捐赠:50 RMB     /  本次仅限8位听众 / 活动预约



Annelyse Gelman / 安尼内斯-盖尔曼

I work with language, sound, and image, and am currently based in Austin, TX.You can find my poems in 7×7, The New Yorker, Indiana Review, the PEN Poetry Series, The Economy, The Awl, TriQuarterly, and elsewhere.I wrote a book called Everyone I Love Is a Stranger to Someone. It was a finalist for the Believer Poetry Award and people have written some nice things about it. I make music under the name Shoulderblades. The first EP, “Six Songs”,is available at There are two more EPs coming in 2018!My poetry-films have been commissioned by FilmPoem in Antwerp and the San Jose Poetry in Public Spaces project, and appeared in festivals in the U.S., Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, Ukraine, and Germany, including CYCLOP, the Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival, dotdotdot, the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, and Experiments in Cinema.For a film portfolio, see my Vimeo page.Additional support from: the Fulbright Kommission and IIE, New Zealand Pacific Studio’s Lavinia Winter Fellowship, the Brain Observatory at UC San Diego, the Kaspar T. Locher Scholarship, and the Michener Center for Writers at UT Austin.


SUN WEI / 孙玮

Sun Wei is an artist working in sound and field recording or build site with “field” events. who is interested in exploring frequency hearing range and the relationship between sound vibrations and the environment. His works include ultrasonic recordings of nature, underwater frequencies and the background noise of everyday life. As a recording and player, he usually focuses on the exploration of the vibration and environment of different acoustic media. These tasks include field recording of underwater environment in natural or unnatural basins, listening and observing unfamiliar territory and everyday, experimenting with different pick-up materials and recording methods, and exerting and disturbing the vibration sound in the environment and even in the building, and inspiring new listening experience in the daily environment. As a sound artist, Sun Wei has been invited to contribute many international sound projects around the world, including the Revolution Per Minute(New York  )、GAAB2017( Warsaw )、Tobe Continued 2017( Italy )、Sonospace( UK )、WEST BUND 2013( Shanghai )、The Art Newspaper China、JueFestival “Field Day” ( Shanghai )……





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